´GC meets NTS´

Gas Chromatography meets Non-Target Screening


For the first time, seven partners in instrumental analysis and their users will offer this special international non- target screening (NTS) seminar.
The workshop involves the representation and NTS application of gas chromatographic couplings with mass spectrometry (using EI and, above all, gentle ionization such as CI, APCI, DBDI, etc.) and the evaluation strategies using NTS workflows (platform discussion always included).
You can participate online.

General Information


04. and 05.02.2021

Online participation:

1-Day: 150 € (+VAT)
2-Days: 222 € (+VAT)

Regular registration until January 24th 2021

Please feel free to contact us for further information
(e.g. how to submit a talk, how to access to recorded presentations and on-demand content).

Seminar contact:



Day 1 (04.02.2021)

08.30 h
Login time

08.55 h
Welcome and Introduction

09.00 h
Gas Chromatography Basics (by Restek)
H. Majer – Restek (45min)

09.45 h
Waters News in ‘GC meets NTS’
a) GC – Benefits of soft ionization for specificity and sensitivity in Non-Target-Screening workflows
G. Weibchen – Waters (30min)
b) Screening of raw and drinking water from Lake of Constance using APGC-HRMS and UNIFI
M. Petri – Bodensee-WV (45min)

11.00 h

11.30 h
Thermo Fisher News in ‘GC meets NTS’
a) Workflows and tools for identification and confirmation of food and environmental contaminants using the GC-MS Orbitrap solution
R. Mailler – Thermo Fisher (30min)
b) Characterization of e-cigarette liquids using an Untargeted Screening approach and High-Resolution Orbitrap GC-MS
J. Cooper – Thermo Fisher (45min)

12.45 h
Lunch Break and Discussion

14.30 h
Agilent News in ‘GC meets NTS’
a) Mass surveillance using GCQTOF -advancements in target and untarget screening
J. Riener – Agilent (30min)
b) APCI, APPI, APLI and DBD as powerful ionization methods for GC-MS
O. Schmitz – University of Duisburg-Essen (45min)

15.45 h

16.00 h
GC meets NTS – Participants Day 1
Platform Discussion

17.00 h
End Day 1

19.00 h
Evening – Sponsor Breakout Groups

Day 2 (05.02.2021)

08.30 h
Login time

08.55 h
Welcome and Introduction

09.00 h
GC x GC & TOF-MS Insights

N. Jones – Leco (30min)

9.30 h
Leco News in ‘GC meets NTS’
N. Jones – Leco (30min)

10.00 h
Nontargeted volatilomics of foods by GC-IMS and machine learning
P. Weller – HS Mannheim (45min)

10.45 h

11.00 h
Sciex News in ‘GC meets NTS’
a) Broaden separation capabilities using Sciex MS/MS instruments: Plasmion’s SICRIT soft ionization source
A. Besa – Sciex (30min)
b) Combined workflows for GC and LC coupled to MS for targets and NTS
S. Bieber – AFIN-TS GmbH (45min)

12.15 h
Lunch Break and Discussion

13.15 h
Untargeted workflows for food quality and authenticity evaluation using GC‒MS and GC×GC ‒MS
Laura McGregor – SepSolve Analytical (45min)

14.00 h
NTS of air samples with GC-full scan MS
V. Nikiforov – NILU (45min)

14.45 h
NTS talk by Bruker Daltonik
n.n. – Bruker (45min)

15.30 h
NTS talk (last slot free; pls. contact us)
n.n. –     (45min)

16.15 h
GC meets NTS – Participants Day 2
Platform Discussion

17.15 h
Seminar closes – End of Day 2

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