I C N T S 23
International Conference on Non-Target Screening


International Conference on Non-Target Screening

16th – 19th October 2023 in Erding, Germany and online

Now, for the second time, Non-Target Screening and its applications are in the focus of an


NTS users from all over the world and vendors from the field of instrumental analysis will present their latest results and applications in

keynote lectures, lecture sessions and poster sessions.

This conference will cover the following techniques:

  • GC-MS(/MS) in NTS,
  • LC-MS(/MS) in NTS,
  • SFC-MS(/MS) in NTS
  • CE-MS(/MS) in NTS,
  • Multidimensional Chromatography in NTS
  • Soft Ionization Techniques in NTS
  • Ion-Mobility Mass Spectrometry in NTS
  • Other Techniques in NTS like NMR, IR, etc.

This conference will extend the discussion in view on Non-Target Screening main topics like the following:

  • NTS in Products of Daily Use and Medical Care,
  • NTS in Forensics and Doping,
  • NTS in Environmental Analysis,
  • NTS in Food(omics),
  • NTS in Metabolomics,
  • NTS in Materials,
  • NTS in Commercial Solutions,
  • Computational Mass Spectrometry,
  • NTS with Quality Standards, Data Standardization, Harmonization and Reporting



Thanks for more than 63 research presentations, 10 commercial presentations and now 37 posters

which we will see and discuss in October.

In the link to the ‚final program‘ you find the agenda with talks and in the following you find some examples for interesting posters:

  • Categorisation of Mass Spectrometry Data on the Basis of Toxicity; Boot et al.
  • Spectral Quality Scoring; Brinks et al.
  • Predicting and Mapping Retention Times of Anion Exchange Chromatography Systems using a Stratified Random Forest Regression Approach; Frøkjær et al.
  • Prediction of Retention Indices of Liquid Chromatography Coupled to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer Pixel by Pixel; Hu et al.
  • Isomers in Non-Target Screening: Identification and Quantification; Kruve et al.
  • Interactive Design and Application of MassQL Queries after Preprocessing for the Annotation of PFAS in LC-TIMS-PASEF; Müller et al.

Poster awards will be sponsored by our Media Partner the Springer Journal ‚Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry‘ (see also link below) and AFIN-TS.

If you plan to publish your presentation also as manuscript in our special issue ‚Analytical Strategies in Molecular Food, Environmental and Biomedical Screening‘ in the Journal ‚Molecules – Analytical Section‘, do not hesitate to contact us soon (also for a waiver or discount for the open-access publication). For further information click the link of our media partner MDPI below.

General Information


16th – 19th October 2023


Stadthalle Erding (City Hall Erding)
Alois-Schießl-Platz 1,
D-85435 Erding, Germany
Further options and information can be found on:

Address (Organiser):

Am Mittleren Moos 48
D-86167 Augsburg, Germany

Seminar contact:



A registration for online participation is possible until 30. September 2023

Students, who contribute with a poster presentations will receive a 5% discount on the participation fee.

Registration fee (19% VAT included):

  • Online participation:  380 € (regular registration)


The conference will be held as a hybrid conference on-site in Erding near Munich/Germany and online.

All presentations and panel discussions will also be available online.

And for all participants the recordings can be streamed until end of 2023 – on demand.

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In walking distance from Stadthalle Erding:

5- 10 minutes from Stadthalle Erding (by car):

A full list of hotels and accomodations in Erding is available here: www.erding.de/wirtschaft-tourismus/uebernachten/hotels