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As an independent research-based analytical company, we offer you a wide range of services in the field of polarity-extended chromatography, (tandem) mass spectrometry and non-target screening as well as comprehensive support, education and consulting in establishing these analytical concepts.

Analytisches Forschungsinstitut for Non-Target Screening


What is Non-Target Screening?

Analytical samples are commonly solely examined for the content of known substances. During and after each analysis, it is no longer possible to determine whether there were other substances in the sample than those considered. Non-target screening, on the other hand, offers the possibility of making statements about further, possibly unknown substances in the sample during and after a measurement. Non-target screening uses existing analytical devices and techniques in a different way. With the help of specially developed evaluation strategies, a previously unknown perspective on the examined samples can be offered. The advantage of non-target screening is the possibility to identify substances in samples that were analyzed many months or even years ago. This works even for substances, which were not intended or known during analysis. This type of analysis is now widely used for water, food and pharmaceuticals, for instance. Non-target screening can, however, be of great use in many other areas.


We at AFIN-TS GmbH offer you a variety of advanced training courses in the areas of instrumental analysis and non-target screening. Learn more about analytical separation techniques such as HILIC and SFC, mass spectrometry, strategies and concepts for data analysis.


Our institute is constantly developing new and innovative analytical technologies for a comprehensive view on complex samples. In our laboratory, we use these innovative techniques to offer customer-specific analyzes of complex samples and the active transfer of these technologies to the customer.


Our portfolio also includes comprehensive concepts for data analysis, use and backup that enable target-orientated analysis. These concepts can be used on special software platforms that can be adapted to the requirements of the customer and can therefore be used in a wide variety of disciplines.

News from AFIN-TS GmbH

Discover new publications and informations on our blog regarding the topics of suspect and non-target screening as well as our current dates for seminars and training courses.


Research Seal 2022/2023

We are pleased to be allowed carrying the research seal of the German Stifterverband in 2022 and 2023.
Since 2014, the Stifterverband has been honouring research-based companies for their special responsibility for the state and society with the “Innovative…

Further Literature on Analytical Topics

Another part of our work, which is important to us at AFIN TS GmbH, are our own scientific publications on analytics as well as the collection of freely accessible literature in this field of science.

On the Literature page you will therefore find a list of our own publications, as well as other freely accessible literature on the respective topic, subdivided into the topics education, non-target screening, HILIC, SFC, design of experiments and software.