Technology development
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for a comprehensive view on complex samples

Very powerful technologies are already available in instrumental analysis, which allow individual substances or smaller groups of substances to be detected very sensitively and reliably in samples.
However, if a broad spectrum of very different analytes is to be detected, standard techniques quickly reach their limits.

Example of this is the parallel detection of very polar and non-polar substances in water samples, food and/or pharma (see the links to the pdf-files)

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Method development

Would you like to establish a new separation method using HILIC or SFC and/or polarity extended chromatography?

We would be happy to support you with our expertise in creating new separation methods.

Our competencies also include testing the applicability of HILIC and SFC to your question.

Order analysis

Do you have a sample that needs to be analyzed and examined extensively?

In our own research and contract laboratory in Augsburg, we offer customer-specific analyzes of complex samples with innovative techniques and couplings.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Technology transfer

In addition to order analysis, we also support the active transfer of analytical technologies to the customer.

In the form of training courses and seminars, we offer comprehensive assistance in establishing and operating these techniques in your company.


We will be happy to assist you in the analysis of complex samples and in the establishment and operation of analytical technologies in your company.
You can find seminar and training dates in our seminar overview.

We look forward to your inquiry!