Non-target screening

For comprehensive analysis

We develop concepts for comprehensive analysis, use and backup of data in the area of ​​non-target screening.
The goal of developing the concepts is extensive analysis and data processing. The concepts can then be used on special software platforms. To ensure applicability in a large number of areas, the software platforms are adapted to the specific requirements of each customer.

Concepts for
Data analysis

Together with you we develop efficient ways from the sample to the screening to the statistical data evaluation and the retrospective view.

Concepts for
use of data

The data obtained from the analysis can be used in various ways. We would be happy to advise you and create concepts for the correct use of data.

Concepts for
data backup

In addition to data processing, analytics also focuses on data backup. For retrospective evaluation, data must still be protected, readable and evaluable even after years.


Are you looking for a concept for data analysis, use and backup tailored to your company? Contact us! We would be happy to develop a holistic concept for your analysis, take over the analysis of complex samples for you and implement the technology transfer into your company.

We look forward to your inquiry!